Dự đoán tỉ số bóng đá La Liga Barcelona vs Celta Vigo: Barcelona thắng 2 trận liên tiếp với 5 bàn và đang có phong độ nóng

At 23:30 in the morning on September 23, the highlight of the sixth round of La Liga is about to begin. La Liga giants Barcelona will face Celta Vigo at the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium. With the arrival of two new players, Felix and Cancelo, the lineup of the Red and Blues has been improved. In the last league game, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 5-0, and also achieved victory in the first group stage of the Champions League. The 5-goal victory was in hot form.

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Barcelona analysis:

Barcelona is a veteran giant that is as famous as Real Madrid in Spanish history. They have won countless trophies in the history of the team, including 27 La Liga championship trophies.

Barcelona has encountered a serious economic crisis in recent years. They have had to sell off club assets to activate leverage to balance the team’s debt. This has also made it difficult for Barcelona to make a difference in the transfer market. After several seasons of sluggishness, Barcelona officially began its rebuilding journey with Xavi’s return as the starting point. Last season, under the leadership of Xavi, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid and won the La Liga championship and the Spanish Super Cup. The arrival of Felix and Cancelo this season has filled the vacancies in Barcelona’s lineup. This year, the Red and Blues are eager to win in Europe Break the bottleneck in battle.

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Celta de Vigo analysis:

Celta Vigo is a veteran team in La Liga. They have won three La Liga championships in team history and have been competing in La Liga for more than ten years.

Celta Vigo has had a poor start to the season, currently scoring 4 goals and conceding 7 goals in 5 league games. With a record of 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses, Celta is ranked 16th in the league with 4 points, only 1 point away from the relegation zone. Although the league has just begun, Celta Vigo’s poor form means they will experience a sluggish season.

Historical battle records between the two sides

In the past 12 La Liga matches between the two teams, Barcelona has an absolute advantage with a record of 5 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses.

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Barcelona VS Celta Vigo Analysis and Prediction

Barcelona has scored 5 goals in 2 consecutive games and is in a very hot state. Although Celta has a lot of experience against Barcelona, the huge gap in strength is difficult to make up. This match predicts Barcelona defeating Celta Vigo.

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