Kháng cáo thẻ đỏ của Curtis Jones không thành cầu thủ vẫn bị treo giò 3 trận

In a strong dialogue in the seventh round of the Premier League last week, Liverpool lost 1:2 to Tottenham in an away game. There were many controversial penalties in this game, which aroused public attention after the game. Among them, Liverpool player Jones caused some controversy when he stepped on Tottenham player Bissouma and was sent off with a red card during the game. After the game, Liverpool also appealed the red card that Jones received. However, today, Beijing time, Liverpool announced on its official social platform that Jones’ red card appeal failed and Jones will still be suspended for 3 games.

Curtis Jones

According to the game screen, in the game against Tottenham, at the 26th minute of the game, Jones accidentally stepped on Bissouma’s ankle during a fight for the ball. The latter immediately fell to the ground in pain, and the referee The original penalty was a yellow card, but after VAR’s intervention, it was randomly changed to a red card and Jones was sent off. However, there is some controversy in this penalty. Jones may have accidentally stepped on the opponent’s ankle while fighting for the ball. Liverpool believes that the foul was unintentional and should not be punished by a three-game ban.

However, after several days of appeal process, the Football Association officials still believed that Jones’ foul was too dangerous and decided to uphold the original judgment and ban the player for 3 games. According to this result, Jones will miss the team’s games against Brighton, Everton and Nottingham Forest, which will affect the team’s formation.

But in this focused conversation, Jones’ red card controversy is just one of the controversial points. During the game, Liverpool’s effective goal was invalidated and Jota’s first yellow card was completely controversial. Liverpool officials have asked the Football Association to release the recording of the conversation between the referee and VAR in this game, demanding a thorough investigation into the matter, and the controversy in this game is still brewing.

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